Lovely day!

What a lovely day today is!  Happy Valentine’s Day everyone and hope you have a very special day with someone you love!

Much cooler day today than this pass weekend but no complaints cause at least it’s sunny and clear – at the moment anyway.  The weather folks are saying we might get some snow tonight or tomorrow so when I think about today compared to having snow tomorrow, well, there is no comparison.  That’s not to say I don’t like snow, because I actually do like it as long as I don’t have to drive in the snow since I do not feel comfortable driving in the white stuff!

Hope you all have a fantastic Valentine’s Day!


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Well, we have certainly maintained our workout schedule which makes us both feel very good but, that being said, we haven’t lost much on the scales…. bummer!  Hope to see results soon.  I have to admit that my workout pants are feeling some looser so maybe I have lost some inches – I can surely hope!!

Everything is well with us other than taking one day at a time with our precious pup – our dog child of 12 years.  She has good days and bad days.  We talked to our vet and when the bad days far outweigh the good days then we will have to make the decision to do what no one wants to do with their precious fur-babies.  When she has no quality of life, then we will know…..

Hope everyone has a blessed & very happy Valentine’s Day!  We are going to Chili’s for dinner which is a treat for us since the closest Chili’s is almost an hour away from us in the town of Boone.  We both absolutely love their Margerita Chicken with black beans & rice!  Yum!

Looking forward to hearing from you all soon…..

Making progress & togetherness

Yesterday was a very productive day at the fitness center especially considering my back, neck, and knee issues & limitations.  I can’t do much on the treadmill or the weight machines but I do what I can.  Even though I have to move more slowly than most folks I feel like I am making progress…..

Today was one of those days that showed me I am making progress.  Quinn & I were trimming some small ash trees on the bank behind our house plus trimming numerous briers that we deal with anytime we have to go up the bank for some reason….. I am proud to say that I was able to help more than I anticipated.  It was a slow process but at least I could see some results…. little by little, bit by bit.

Another thing that I believe our work out has helped is the time that Quinn & I are doing things together.  Since I have such limitations then I need his help with many of the machines I try to use.  We are enjoying the time together and at the same time we are working  to improve our health.  Both very good for both of us!

Tomorrow Quinn goes to see his hand doctor.  He has had problems with his hands for years and so this is a check up of sorts.  We feel confident that the doctor will want to give him some cortisone injections but Quinn isn’t sure he wants to experience the pain that comes with the injection.  We’ll see…. we know that Quinn needs his hands repaired and we know we have the best hand doctor around this area, but still we are apprehensive….

Have a nice evening my friends & God bless you abundantly!

Moving along

Well, last night I did very well as far as snacking goes – yea!  I had one graham cracker and no other snack!  This afternoon I am cutting up some carrots & celery for evening snacking and hopefully that will take care of my desire to snack.  Time will tell.  🙂

Good day today.  Trying to get things done around the house while it is so foggy & rainy outside.  There is always something to do!

Hope you all had a blessed day!


So, I weighed this morning and was very disappointed to see there was no change in the scales…. Bummer!  I have worked so hard at the fitness center that I had hoped for at least a couple pounds…. but then I thought about the last week and I realized that I have been snacking after dinner more nights that not.  I haven’t been really really bad but I have been bad.  Sneaking a Fig Newton or some cashews or even a few M&M’s.  It all adds up.  So, this week I am going to work harder on the snacking or shall we say lack of snacking!  I am anxious to see the pounds begin to drop because when that happens then I get this little streak of motivation creeping up in me….. then I get on a roll….. I can do this!  I can definitely do this!  Have done it before and can do it again!  That should be my mantra!  🙂

Have a restful evening my friends!!

Make Today Count!

This past week we have done very well at the fitness center!  Not sure if we have made any losses in weight or inches but hopefully we have.  We’ll check on Monday.  🙂

We are really working as hard as we are able.  I am not able to do all that I would like to do but I try to get as much as I can on the treadmill and recumbent bicycle.  Because of my back, neck, and knees I have some major limitations.

I found the saying “Make Today Count” the other day on Facebook.  I loved it so much that I saved it and made it my home page so that I see it every time I open my phone!  I need to remind myself to make every single day count!  Every single day!

Hoping that you all are having a great weekend!  We are working on different little chores around the house and we are making a lot of progress.  For that we are so glad. How about you?  What are you up to this weekend?


Great work out!

Had a very good workout yesterday!  2 mile walk on the treadmill and 4 miles on the recumbent bicycle.  Then, I got in the pool and walked around a bit.  After that we enjoyed the hot tub!  So, I am tickled that we were able to get so much exercise in.  Our goal is 3+ times a week but I am sure there will be some weeks we will have to cancel or postpone going to the fitness center.  We sure can try though…..

One hindrance I have is my back & knee issues.  I have to be very careful about how I do things or how long I am on any given machine.  And I sure cannot lift any heavy weights or anything that puts pressure on  my spine in any way.  I didn’t overdo yesterday yet my neck & arms were tingling all evening and throughout the night so I must have done something in bad form.

Today it is still one of those damp dreary cloudy winter days… and the snow hasn’t melted hardly at all because of the cold temps – did I tell you it was 2 degrees one morning?!  Yes, 2 degrees with a wind chill of below zero.  Brrrrr…… Did someone say let’s go to the beach or was that just wishful thinking?  🙂

I am tired today so that doesn’t help matters any…. Quinn thought he heard someone knocking on our door around 5 a.m. so all of us ended up awake and scrambling around to turn on flood lights & look out the windows.  Even Sami was walking around in a daze trying to figure out what was going on at such an hour of the night!  Of course, once she realized nothing was amiss or either she just figured she was safe cause she had us, then she fell right back to sleep!  Nothing keeps her awake for long!  Wish we could fall back asleep so easily!

Have a blessed evening my friends!